Not just excellent or efficient services, but services ranging across a wide spectrum are what we are known for. Apart from 3PL being our forte, we also excel in a number of other services like Inventory Management, Reverse Logistics, MIS and VMI.

Our prime services include:

3PL Services | Logistics & Warehousing | Value Added Services
  • 3PL Services
    • Material Handling: Picking material from the base to reaching various destinations in India with the help of well-managed transport companies, receiving the goods at our warehouses, unloading, data entry, storage, handling order inquiries, giving quotations, invoicing, packaging, loading and dispatching via our own transport system to dealers/distributors, we provide 3PL services in every corner of India. Excellent market tie-ups for vehicle availability which is expandable to 4 fold in case of month-end dispatches, and carrying out operations at amazingly low costs are just some of the numerous benefits offered by us.
    • Market Feedback: Baxi Group also offers the service of regular collection of market data, competitor activity, changing and rising trends in the industry, gross market figures, sales and other reports.
    • MIS Reports: This includes generation of reports on stock positioning, stock valuation, goods received/dispatches reports/other reports. Also in place is IRA for better stock management.
    • Payment Collection: Payment is collected in the name of the Principal. The collected cheques/DD are deposited in company's collection bank account.

  • Logistics & Warehousing
    • Inventory Management: At Baxi, we firmly believe that inventory is money. By strictly adhering to the FIFO (first in, first out) principle, and by evaluating the company sales we help the companies in getting the right forecast for their stocks to prevent them from falling short or going overboard on inventory.
    • Deliveries to Dealers/Distributors: Baxi Group holds expertise in operating efficiently in even tough cities like Delhi where delivery on time is a big challenge. Our new and innovative transportation modules helps us assure delivery to dealers or distributors on the committed time and date of delivery.
    • Reverse Logistics: Our wide transport network and channels also help us to move easily goods from client to the parent destination.

  • Value Added Services
    • Purchase Order Management: This allows for the maintenance of purchase orders. Apart from tracking your consignment, we also ensure OTIF (on time in full) with a remarkable efficiency of more than 90 per cent.
    • Order Processing: A part of purchase order management, our tele-sales/customer relation operators hold expertise in fetching orders from the customers.
    • Invoicing: Our skilled team of SAP/ERP operators are well versed in invoicing process and possess a sound knowledge of local taxes and other commercial activities.
    • Sales Tax and Excise Documentation: Our highly competent team possesses a sound knowledge of various issues related to VAT, road permits, F-forms, C-forms, E-forms and filing returns. We also handle a number of excise registered depots wherein all the compliances related to excise like maintenance of RG-23 Register are closely followed.
    • Vendor Managed Inventory
      • Milk Run: Our practices like proper route mapping and vehicle utilisation to its maximum possible efficiency ensure the customer of lowest imaginable freight cost.
      • Kitting & Packing: The safety of the goods is given prime importance at Baxi. After breaking the received bulk cartons, the smaller ones, before being transported further, are carefully repacked as per the company norms and standards.
      • JIT Delivery: Being in the market for last 3 decades, we thoroughly understand the significance of JIT (just in time) in an industry. Our experienced workforce is well sensitised on the issue, which enables us to overcome the hurdles faced while fulfilling JIT delivery.

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